Types of Disposable Gloves and How Much They Cost

Types of Disposable Gloves and How Much They Cost

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Generally, the Coronavirus pandemic has set the price of disposable gloves on an upward trend. However, the cost of disposable gloves still varies depending on different factors. Most of these factors include the seller, material, quality, and so on.

Ultimately, disposable gloves are applicable as safety material at various levels of work. From home chores such as washing, cooking, and cleaning to performing electrical or mechanical tasks, disposable gloves are immensely useful.

They are also useful for handling harsh chemicals, and of course, ensuring protection from infection. Disposable gloves also help to keep your hands safe and clean from germs, boils, bacteria, and any infection.

As useful as they are, they have managed to become less available during this pandemic. The worldwide shortages of disinfectant products and masks have increased the prices of those products. Disposable gloves, especially nitrile, have become seemingly difficult and costly to come by during this pandemic.

Here, we’ve put together the cost of disposable gloves including how much each type will cost you. This way, you can know how much to pay for a pair of disposable gloves, based on current financial realities.

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What is the Cost of Disposable Gloves?

Somehow, the pricing for different types of disposable gloves ranges from $15 to $40 per bundle. The US-Based Allied Market Research assesses that the worldwide disposable gloves market added up to $6.8 billion out of 2019. Also, this is expected to significantly increase to $18.8 billion by 2027.

Below is a more comprehensive detail of each type of disposable gloves and their cost.

Latex gloves

While being in use for a long time, latex gloves are prevalent for their comfortability and durability property. The latex glove is manufactured from natural rubber, and it offers the flexibility of hand movement. Also, they are a good repellant and provide excellent protection from infections.

On average, the cost of disposable gloves made from latex usually costs around $26 to $70 or more. Please be aware that all these prices are dependent on different factors. To save money, ensure you’re not allergic to the material before buying latex gloves.

Latex gloves are suitable for:

  • Medical professionals,
  • Those who want dexterity and comfy fit,
  • Those who work in salon and beauty business
  • Green practices biodegradable features
  • Those who prefer enhanced touch sensitivity gloves, and
  • A correctly fitted glove

Also, gloves made from latex material offers numerous advantages including:

  • Multipurpose use. Latex is applicable at the industrial level
  • It offers top-notch feel, fit, and dexterity
  • Its gloves possess better puncture resistance than other types of disposable gloves
  • It offers natural chemical resistance

Poly gloves

Polythene gloves are made from polyethylene. These gloves give your hand space for fresh air as they offer a looser fit compared to other types of gloves. However, polythene gloves aren’t durable and are useful for lighter works.

On average, the cost of a bundle of polythene disposable gloves ranges from $9 to $20. Although this pricing is subject to different factors polythene gloves are still one of the cheapest types of disposable gloves.

Polythene gloves are suitable for:

  • Working with less risky materials
  • Food prep tasks
  • Restaurants and jobs that require cleaning

Also, gloves made from this material offers different advantages including:

  • Biodegradable, good elasticity
  • Low price
  • You can get different pigments and bright colours

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Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are an excellent alternative hand protection gloves. Currently, they are gaining more popularity and use in industrial and medical applications.

While latex gloves are used traditionally, several people possess different allergies to latex. As such, they tend to suffer from different skin irritations after extended usage of latex gloves.

For such people, nitrile gloves are a very good alternative at an average cost of $20 per bundle. However, this price varies with regards to different factors including location and availability.

In general, this type of gloves is popular for being the most protective and strongest kind of disposable gloves. Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber polymers.

These gloves possess tear-resistant and good durability for better protection. Luckily, synthetic nitrile rubber often produces fewer issues with allergic conditions.

Gloves made from this material offers different advantages including:

  • Price competitive with vinyl or latex gloves
  • Good tactile sense
  • Reduces skin irritation and sweating by providing good heat dissipation
  • Offers a comfortable fit for short and extended periods
  • Offers excellent chemical resistance even more than latex
  • Requires less volume for nearly the same quantity of gloves
  • Saves more on transportation and storage costs, etc.

Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are a cost-effective option made from synthetic plastic polymer. Although vinyl gloves don’t have strong resistivity, yet they are famous for being cheaper and looser. Also, they are preferable for non-hazardous and less-tactile work.

On average, when you buy vinyl gloves, expect to spend around $20 to $50 or more. However, this depends on the quantity of each bundle you’re buying. In some cases, the bundle may include up to 100 pieces of vinyl gloves.

In the USA, vinyl gloves often sell for about $0.14 to $0.19 per pair. However, this pricing model can go beyond the average depending on the location, availability, or seller.

Gloves made from this material offers different advantages including:

  • Vinyl gloves are more wearable and flexible. Unlike nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves don’t include chemical accelerators.
  • Vinyl is latex-free and can replace latex gloves for people suffering from Type I allergy. This is because the glove is made up of synthetic materials instead of regular rubber latex.
  • Vinyl disposable gloves are safe for use by individuals suffering from a Type IV allergy. Typically, Type IV and Type I allergies can cause several allergic reactions simultaneously. This includes runny nose, cold-like symptoms, inflammation, rashes, blisters and cracking, skin irritation’.
  • Vinyl gloves are readily available in non-powdered and powdered forms. The non-powdered are usually known as powder-free variants. These variants are usually more preferred by many due to the low level of skin irritation.

The Average Cost of Disposable Gloves: How to Make the Buying Decision

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In general, the average cost of disposable gloves is about $9 to $25. However, this isn’t the main determinant of the best type of disposable gloves. There are several factors to put into consideration to enjoy the best use of disposable gloves.

Generally, latex, polythene, vinyl, nylon, and nitrile are the common manufacturing materials for disposable gloves. However, you should buy gloves to fit a purpose, task or profession. For instance, if you’re a medical practitioner, a regular nylon glove doesn’t suit your work. In most cases, a small mistake can be dangerous as it may expose you to several infections.

Disposable glove materials play a significant role in your safety after, during, and after use. Also, ensure you take precautions if your skin is sensitive, especially if you’re allergic to the glove’s material.

Furthermore, be sure to look out for the quality of raw material used in manufacturing the disposable gloves. Sure, raw materials make up about 45 percent of the cost of a disposable glove. However, this does not mean you should opt for cheaper products.

Less expensive raw materials used can prompt:

  • Sturdiness,
  • Toxicity issues,
  • Adaptability problems
  • Less strength

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Final Take

The most efficient and safest way to prevent infections, injuries, and skin problems is to avoid contact. Whether against caustic chemicals, bodily fluids, or sharp objects, you need quality disposable gloves to keep you and your workers safe. This means you’ll want to know how much do disposable gloves cost, right? Or to know if disposable gloves are expensive or not.

As we have stated earlier, the cost of disposable gloves varies with different factors as determinants. However, you can get a box disposable gloves for about $5 to $10 on average. You just have to ensure you know the exact glove you want before going ahead to purchase.

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