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Flock lined latex gloves are the workhorses of the food processing, agriculture and automotive industries. Resembling what most people think of as a rubber dishwashing glove, these durable latex gloves provide superior protection against many chemicals and the organic waste found in places like meat processing plants and fisheries.

What is "Flock" and What are the Benefits?

Flocking is the thin, soft covering that coats the inside of flock lined latex gloves. It can be made of a mix of fibers including cotton, rayon and other synthetics. The benefits of flocking include:

Easier Glove Removal: Without this layer of fiber, latex gloves can become tacky and stick to themselves and your skin. The flocking makes them easy to remove even in warm conditions.

Extra Protection: This extra layer is thin but can help guard against punctures.

Durability: The added thickness helps extend the life of your flock lined latex gloves. Additionally, it prevents the glove from rubbing against your skin which will cause friction and break the glove down faster.

Comfort: Flocking helps absorb sweat in hot conditions and provides insulation in cold environments. Though this layer is thin, it can make a significant difference especially for daily or extended use.

Extended Use: Flock lined gloves are intended to be single use, disposable gloves. However, depending on the type of work, they can be worn for more hours. Compared to another type or glove without lining, ones with flocking may last a whole work shift versus needing to be replaced several times.

Note: though flock lined gloves are durable, they are not recommended for multiple uses and should be discarded whenever there are signs of wear including punctures, cuts and thinning areas.

Choose Your Style

Flock lined latex gloves come in several styles and colors. Some options to consider, include:

Cuff Type: Your latex gloves can come with pinked, rolled or flat cuffs.

  • Rolled cuffs provide extra protection from drips and also a stronger material to grip when putting them on, preventing the chance or ripping.
  • Flat cuffs give additional length to protect more of the forearm.
  • Pinked cuffs have a kind of scalloped or zigzag edging that make it easier to put them on and take them off. This is an especially good feature on gloves used for chemical handling as it helps further minimize the chance of contact with the outside of the glove.

Grip Styles: Gloves offer different grip patterns including raised and recessed diamonds and a pattern that resembles fish scales. Grip patterns on the fingertips improve dexterity and the ability to grip items even in wet conditions. Each style provides an additional layer of protection and ease of use for gripping materials.