4 Effective Tips for Using Face Masks in Winter

4 Effective Tips for Using Face Masks in Winter

  • Dan B

In this informative read, you will find tips for using face masks in winter. Right now, face masks are a necessary item for every person thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Even the Center for Disease Control recommends people to wear face masks in public. It doesn’t matter if you feel you are okay or not, you still need to wear face masks to protect yourself and others.

With the coming of winter, the number of COVID-19 cases may see an increase. This is because the virus thrives in colder weather. Hence, face masks become even more important. In this article, you will find out the best ways to use your face masks and stay safe this winter season. 

Why Should I Wear Face Masks for COVID-19?

The World Health Organization, WHO recommends face masks as one of the most effective ways of preventing COVID-19. Besides wearing face masks, you also have to keep to other safety precautions. These include:

  • Social distancing
  • Keeping your rooms well ventilated
  • Avoiding crowded places.

Other measures include:

  • Regular handwashing with soap
  • Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Avoiding handshakes.

There are many other safety precautions you need to adhere to. However, this article focuses on the best ways to use face masks in winter. 

Face masks prevent particles from an infected person from entering into your mouth and nose. They also prevent particles from your mouth and nose from being inhaled by another person. 

Hence, it is important to wear face masks when outdoors and within a crowded vicinity. That way, you will reduce the risks of contracting COVID-19 and also protect those around you. 

But to do this, there are guidelines for using face masks effectively. With the advent of the winter season, these masks are now essential, as you will find out. 

Tips for Using Face Masks in Winter

It is usual for the cold winter season to come with bugs and illnesses. The COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the USA makes it extra necessary for people across the country to be extra vigilant about their health and wellbeing this season. 

Face masks have already proven to be effective at curtailing the spread of the pandemic. However, they can also be affected by winter’s wet and windy weather. 

Face masks lose their effectiveness when they become wet. This is because their filtration capacity becomes lowered. When disposable and surgical masks get wet, they become more permeable. It is best to dispose of them and get new masks immediately. 

The question then becomes how to use disposable face masks in the winter season. For one, you need to maintain the safety precautions you have been adhering to before the winter season. You also need to take extra care in this wet and cold weather to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

To that end, here are some tips for using face masks in winter: 

Go Out With a Spare Disposable Mask

It is easier for your face mask to get wet during the winter season because of the weather. Knowing your mask easily gets damp this season, it is advisable to go out with a spare mask. 

If you notice the face mask you are wearing is wet, you can dispose of it properly and wear the spare one with you. 

The best way to go through the pandemic is by being prepared for any emergencies. A spare face mask in your pocket or backpack stands you in good stead to overcome such an emergency. 

Wear Face Masks With Better Protection

Medical professionals on the front line wear medical-grade N-95 masks to protect themselves better. Non-medical professionals can wear other types of face masks, which also offer protection against coronavirus. The WHO recommends wearing two or three-layered face masks

These masks have an inner layer of absorbent material like cotton. They also consist of a middle layer of non-woven material like polypropylene. Then, there is an outer layer made of non-absorbent material like polyester. These layers combine to prevent droplets from entering your mouth and nose. 

Hence, it is not just about wearing face masks, but wearing those that protect you effectively. Ensure you buy disposable face masks with two or three layers. Besides having multiple layers, the masks must have ear loops or ties that keep it secure. They must also fit your face comfortably without gaps. 

You also need to be able to breathe. Quality face masks must allow you to breathe comfortably and without restriction. If you use reusable face masks, you must buy those you can wash without damage or shape changes. However, in the end, we advise that you don’t reuse disposable masks.