Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Go With an Essential Travel Kit

Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Go With an Essential Travel Kit

  • Dan B

Due to the ravaging impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, there are now changes in the way of doing things. For one, you can’t stress the importance of a travel kit for the COVID-19 pandemic enough. With some countries relaxing lockdowns and opening their borders, there will be an increase in travel. Having the right protective essentials in your luggage is vital to keeping you and your loved ones safe. 

In this article, you will learn about the things you need to put in your travel bag. You will also understand the importance of having these items in your bag. There is so much more to grasp, so take a deep breath as we begin. 

What is a Travel Kit? 

A travel kit is a collection of essential items you package together for your safety and convenience when traveling. Typically, it comes in a small bag or box designed to fit into your luggage. Some travel kits come in the form of zippable and compact hanging bags. Whatever form these bags take, they generally serve the same purpose. 

Many people hardly use travel kits when traveling. However, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has made these kits more essential. There are many travel requirements for the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, you can put those necessary items into your travel kit and ensure your safety. 

You may be wondering why you need a travel Kit for COVID-19. For one, it offers you better protection. If you have a Coronavirus travel kit, you ensure your safety and protection. 

This is because you have all the requirements for the COVID-19 pandemic with you ready for use whenever you need them. Hence, you reduce your risk of exposure to the virus and are almost always prepared for any outcome. You also avoid panic buying of the items in your travel kit when you arrive at your destination. 

Another benefit of having a travel kit for the pandemic is that it gives you peace of mind amid the chaotic situation. However, even with a travel kit, you need to practice the preventive measures necessary to stay safe. So, what should you have in your coronavirus travel kit?

What Should Be In a Travel Kit for COVID-19? 

Due to the coronavirus, many governments set up several measures to protect their citizens and curtail the outbreak of the virus. However, with most nations’ economic fortunes beginning to dwindle, some of these measures were relaxed. These led to the opening of borders and an increase in movement and travel. 

Measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are active worldwide. Some of these measures include the use of facemasks and alcohol-based sanitizers. You must always wash your hands regularly and avoid shaking hands, among other things. The onus is on everyone to keep to these measures and take steps to protect themselves and loved ones. 

For travelers, one way to keep safe is with the use of a travel kit for the COVID-19 pandemic. Yeah In this section of the article, you will know the essential things your travel kit should contain. Take note of these and ensure you get them into your luggage when you are on the move. 


Facemasks have become one of the most essential items any person should have during this pandemic. Coronavirus can be spread via droplets from an infected person landing on your face, nose, and mouth. If you are infected, you can also spread the virus that way. This makes wearing a mask essential. 

You should not be found without a facemask while outdoors. Hence, if you are traveling during the pandemic, the facemask should be among your travel kit’s first items. You should have a pack or more of it depending on how long you intend to stay at your destination. Ensure you have face masks that can cover your nose and mouth properly.

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers

One of the key things you should do during the pandemic is to wash your hand properly. However, when you are in a place where you may not be able to wash your hand, it is good to have your hand sanitizer with you. The right hand sanitizers for COVID-19 are those with about 70% isopropyl alcohol content. 

You need to include hand sanitizers in your travel kit for the COVID-19 pandemic. Always have one with you as you move from place to place. If you touch a surface, you must use the sanitizer immediately. 

Isopropyl Wipes

When traveling, the chances are that you will use your phone often. These isopropyl wipes are necessary for cleaning your phones. It will not be a bad idea to add them to your travel kit as well. 


Since the relaxation of lockdown measures, many malls, banks, restaurants, and other public places opened for business check the temperature of customers entering their vicinity. Thus, if anyone has a high temperature, they are not allowed in and taken for further tests. Fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, and cough are some COVID-19 symptoms. 

Therefore, it is advisable to have a thermometer in your essential travel kit for the COVID-19 pandemic. That way, you can monitor your temperature during your travels and take note of any changes. 

Disinfectant Wipes

It is good to have disinfectant wipes in your travel kit. Travel with beach-based cleaners or those containing hydrogen peroxide. With these wipes, you can clean viruses off surfaces and maintain cleanliness. 

Digital Oximeter

It is advisable for persons classified as COVID-19 risks to travel with digital pulse oximeters. With these oximeters, you can check your oxygen levels. You are symptomatic of the virus when your oxygen levels are below 94%. Therefore, any saturation below that percentage is worrisome. 

Toiletries and Medications

If you are taking any medications, it should be one of the first items in your travel kit for the COVID-19 pandemic. You should also pack drugs like Vitamin C and multivitamins that boost your immune system. It is also necessary to have your toiletries with you as it can be difficult to buy them when you travel. 

Hand Gloves 

It is advisable to have hand gloves in your travel kit as you may find yourself in a high-touch area. In that case, if you are without your hand sanitizer, your gloves become handy. However, you must dispose of the gloves immediately after use and wash your hands. 

Face Shield

This is a transparent shield you wear over your face. It is made of plastic and can be worn along with the facemask, offering more protection. Some airlines make it mandatory for passengers to wear face shields during flights. Hence, it is not a bad idea to add it to your travel kit. 

You now know some of the necessary items your COVID-19 travel kit should contain. However, there are other precautionary measures you must take to ensure your safety in these times.