COVID-19: Here Are The Must-Have Home Kit Essentials for The Holidays

COVID-19: Here Are The Must-Have Home Kit Essentials for The Holidays

  • Dan B

The coronavirus pandemic has made it imperative for you to have COVID-19 home kit essentials this holiday season. This year’s holidays will be different from previous years. 

These are challenging times because of the pandemic, and it is only wise for everyone to be well-prepared. Having home kit essentials ready on hand is one way of being prepared. 

In this article, you will learn more about coronavirus home kit essentials you need to have during the holidays. You will also know the benefits of having these home kits and where you can buy them. Read on to discover all the details about staying at the ready this holiday season!

Why Do You Need COVID-19 Home Kit Essentials?

The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world. As a result, there’s a need to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. One way of doing this is by keeping to the safety guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control, CDC, and the World Health Organization, WHO. Another way of protecting yourself and your loved ones is by being prepared for any emergency. 

One way of doing the latter is by having a COVID-19 Home kit, especially during the holiday season. During the holidays, you have to do everything possible to restrict going out too often. Hence, you must have all the basic things you need available at home. 

Having COVID-19 home kit essentials for the holidays means you will hardly go outside to get them. However, ensure you don’t buy overstock your home with supplies. Buy things you will need for a few weeks and not more. If you panic-buy essentials like toiletries and groceries, you may create a problem for others. 

Many groceries are struggling to keep up with the high demand for items. Hence, when you purchase more than will be necessary for a few weeks, you only exacerbate the problems. You now know the benefit of having a COVID-19 home kit during the holiday. What then should it contain?

What To Put in a COVID-19 Home Kit

Your COVID-19 home kit essentials include the most necessary supplies you will need during the holidays. These items include safety and cleaning products, medicines, groceries, food, and drinks. 

You don’t want to find yourself in the stores every now and then during the holiday with a pandemic still very much present. Hence take steps to have these items ready. 

Hand Sanitizer and Soap

These are perhaps the most important components of your COVID-19 home kit essentials. The WHO and CDC advise people to wash their hands regularly to curb the pandemic’s spread. 

If you can’t wash your hands at any given time, then you should use a hand sanitizer. Therefore, these items should be among the first things you add to your home kit this holiday. 


Facemasks are among the first things on the list when you buy home kit essentials in the USA. You may want to buy reusable face masks that you can wash, iron, and use again rather than the disposable types. However, if you’re going to stick with disposable surgical face masks, ensure you buy in quantities that will last you for a couple of weeks till you go shopping again.

If you choose to buy cloth face masks or reusable types, ensure you buy those of good quality. For better protection, the facemask must have up to three layers. It must also keep its shape after you wash it to ensure it remains viable. 


It is essential to refill your medications during the holidays amid the pandemic. Your medicines are one of the items to have at home during COVID-19. You don’t want to run out of medications amid the pandemic, especially during the holiday. 

Stock up on cough syrups and or tablets as well as other over-the-counter medications. Vitamin C is one of the medicines doctors advise people to have in the pandemic. This is because it boosts your immune system.  

You also need to have thermometers and a pulse oximeter in your home kit. With the thermometer, you can keep a record of your temperature. The oximeter also helps in checking your oxygen levels and heart rate. These medications and equipment will come in handy in case you or a loved one is ill. 

In case you contract COVID-19, you will need them to take care of yourself. You can manage most of the virus’s symptoms at home without going to the hospital. Hence, having a home kit with the necessary drugs and equipment improves your chances of doing so effectively. 

Cleaning and Safety Supplies

One of the first items that should make your COVID-19 home supplies list are cleaning and safety products. One of the ways of keeping the virus at bay is by maintaining cleanliness and good hygiene. Doing these requires disinfectants, toothpaste, bathing soaps, bleach, wipes, tampons, hand cleaners, etc.

You also need to have tissues and other toiletries at hand. You should have these and other hygienic and safety supplies on the go. With these products, you can wipe surfaces and doorknobs and disinfect them from germs. It is not just about having them. You also need to dispose of them properly after use. If you don’t do these, you put yourself and your household at risk of infections. 


One thing you want to avoid this holiday season is shopping often amid the pandemic. Thus, groceries are one of the essential COVID-19 home supplies you need. Ensure you buy things you will need for cooking and quick meals during the holiday season. Some of the things you can have include canned foods, fresh vegetables, milk, etc. 

It is also good to have food supplies that will last you throughout the holidays. Raw food like rice and beans should be in your kitchen cabinet. You should also have fruits rich in nutrients and vitamins. These fruits include apples, bananas, oranges, avocados, etc. 

The list is extendable and depends on your needs. However, ensure you buy as many groceries as you will need in the pandemic to avoid rushing in and out of the store during the holidays. You can stock them up in the freezer to keep them fresh and ready for use when you need them. 

Hand Gloves

These are essential items to have at home during COVID-19, especially when caring for a sick person. Whatever such a person touches is potentially contaminated. Hence, you don’t want to touch such surfaces with your bare hands. Wear hand gloves when caring for the person or coming in contact with them. 

After leaving the room where the person is staying, dispose of the gloves immediately. Wash your hands with soap and water and take a shower if necessary. 

Tips on Staying Safe During the Holidays

Besides knowing how to create a COVID-19 home kit, you have to keep to the safety guidelines. There is no sense in having COVID-19 home kit essentials if you are not going to stay safe during the holidays. Hence, in addition to having the essential things you need at home, you need to do the following: 

  • Don’t leave your home unless it is necessary. 
  • If you are leaving your home, you must wear a facemask. 
  • You must keep to social distancing regulations at all times. Keep six feet away from others. You must also avoid places where people are gathered in large numbers. 
  • If you sneeze or cough, ensure you cover your mouth. Sneeze or cough into your elbow or use your tissue when you do so. 
  • Practice good hygiene wherever you find yourself. You need to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If you touch surfaces when outdoors, wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer. 
  • Avoid shaking hands. You can say hello, make greeting signs or shake with your legs or elbow. 
  • If you return home from outdoors, ensure you wash your hands immediately and take a shower. 
  • Don’t touch your face while wearing your facemask. 


With the world still trying to find an end to the pandemic, everyone must take measures to stay safe. Having COVID-19 home kit essentials is a necessity during the holiday season. These home kit essentials will help you stay safe during the holiday season. With them, you reduce your risks of becoming exposed to the deadly virus. 

However, it does not stop with having the home kit essentials. You must keep to the restrictions, guidelines, and precautionary measures. Having the kit will not prevent you from contracting the virus if you don’t practice the measures and keep to the guidelines. 

With that said, nothing is stopping you from going on to stock your home with COVID-19 essentials and supplies. Check out Buy Gloves’ rich collection of COVID-19 home supplies that will be mostly beneficial to you and your household this holiday season. Remember to remain safe and stay out of trouble. Happy holidays!